Holistically Assessing & Addressing for a Successful Outcome

Meet Taurence Minikwu!

Taurence was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He attended Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School and graduated in 2002. After High School, he earned the opportunity to be granted a football scholarship to attend Washburn University. During his time at Washburn, Taurence was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and later went on to earn a Masters of Art in Human Services. He started as a Certified Addiction Counselor and now he currently holds the title as a Licensed Master Addiction Counselor.

Taurence’s professional career started with his involvement with at-risk youth and adults Advocating for mental development to enhance and strengthen the mind. He spent a number of years working directly with the youth addressing their Mental Health in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility(PRTF), as well as Addiction Counseling for youth and adults for several local agencies. He is now the Owner and Executive Director of Assess For Success, LLC Also known as Assess For Success. Established in 2013 as a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility now revamped as a Wellness Center, Taurence enjoys giving back to his community and the youth by offering a holistic approach to life. He is dedicated to helping the youth and adults make better choices for improved outcomes in the community. He currently is a Mental Health Mentor and Coach for the Topeka 501 school district and has dedicated his mentorship towards Eisenhower Middle School for the past several years.

Taurence is a proud father of two who plays a major role in his kids life success including sports and in the classroom. He is also known as “Coach T” to a number of youth on his football, basketball, baseball and soccer teams here in Topeka.